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Shree Vrajlal Chandulal Mehta School of Information Technology

Shri Vrajlal C. Mehta School of Information Technology was established in Jan.2012, with a donation from the Shri Vrajlal C. Mehta family and Shri Arunbhai R. Mehta, to innovate and move forward in this fast-changing world scenario, while remaining committed to the core values of Vidyamandir Trust.

At present, numerous job opportunities are generated in the field of Information Technology; keeping this in mind, Shri Vrajlal C. Mehta School of Information Technology is offering various courses for those students who are aspiring to make a career in the field of Information Technology.



Art Education

It is said in a Sanskrut dictum that a man without the taste of fine arts is a beast. Having tasted the all pervading nectar of beauty in Nature, some gave it a tune, some gave dance, some of them gave it a shape using words while some tried to reflect it with their lines and strokes. The eyes of children contain billions of wonders. We need to facilitate them only to bring them out.

Vidyamandir has always aimed at getting an all round development of the students and education of art is required for that.

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Computer and Multimedia Education

Better Everyday’ is the motto of Vidyamandir and hence Vidyamandir is always there to take initiatives and lead others when it comes to keep pace with the changing times. Vidyamandir was the first to have its own computers and introduce computer education when most others in this area did not know what it was. Presently computer education is introduced from Std. 3. Our computer labs are equipped with ultra-modern and state of the art facilities of hardware and software. We were the first to introduce on line examination and 33% of the weightage of examination is assessed through on line examination. The students of


Centres for Special Activities

Vidyamandir Trust runs a number of centres dedicated to some special activities. They strive to mould the character and personality of the students by inculcating values among them or by teaching them spoken English, scientific aptitude, environment awareness, vocational guidance and counselling  etc. Even the teachers are also provided in-service trainings for better performance. There is a centre wholly dedicated to the beautification of the campus.

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Shri Bagmalbhai Laxmichand Parikh Institute of English Language

Shri Bagmalbhai Laxmichand Parikh Institute of English Language was established with the munificent charity of Shri Mahendra Brothers Parikh Foundation in the year 2001 to meet the need to learn English in a very organized, technical and effectual way. The pedagogy of the centre has always been to merge technology with learning to introduce an altogether different practice of language skill enhancement. The centre was touched with a new and deeper shade of technology when it was revamped in 2016. This renovation was done to keep the institute directed towards its motto of learning with technology. We strongly believe that


Shri Bagmalbhai Laxmichand Parikh Central Library

Shri B.L. Parikh Central Library was established in the year 2012 which amalgated other libraries of Vidyamandir Trust like Shri Mayank Samir Central Library, Shri Vividhlaxi Vidyamandir Library, English Medium School Library, Vinaymandir Library, Shri D.D. Choksi College of Secondary Education Library, Shri C.K. Mehta College of Primary Education Library and Shri K.J. Mehta College of Pre-Primary Education Library. The library building was inaugurated in the year 2012  with generous donation from Shri Ba Read More...

Physical Education

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. ‘Shariram Adya Khalu Dharmsaadhanam’ is the motto of our centres for physical education. Students - tired after the whole day’s busy schedule - can refresh themselves in the last period meant for Activity. Twice a week they go to the Sports Academy for games and sports. The time spent at the Sports Academy or Vyamayamshala not only refreshes them but also teaches them sportsmanship, discipline, dedication, team-spirit, enthusiasm etc.

The Sports Academy is not reserved only for the students. Any sport enthusiast can join the academy and avail expert co


Priyashi Viral Kothari Institute of English

Regular Classes:

We offer functional English courses on a regular basis for all the students of Vidyamandir. Our job is to constantly work towards introducing the most efficacious technologies and pedagogies to help our students think and speak without hesitation in a language, which is quite esoteric in the social circles of most students. Our English Laborato Read More...


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